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Each month you get 4 breakdown sessions. In these sessions of max. 10 minutes we dive deeper into certain exercises.

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​​One extra class is added every month. This can be an athletic session, a yoga oriented session, etc. Always with a Pilates technique.

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I am happy with the online classes provided by Lux. Each teacher of Lux is attentive to students and lesson programs are various and adjusted to the wishes of participants.


The online classes have been the best investment I could possibly have made in my health. I feel stronger and taller after each lesson (and it breaks up an otherwise very monotonous workday with a bit of positivity). Janneke, Christie, and Eleni are great motivators (and consistently give feedback). It's totally worth it!

Lise Morrison

I do the online lessons 3/4 times a week. The technique is taught with extreme precision and the teachers are all highly qualified. They always make sure to focus on each participant and give personalized feedback.

Highly recommended!

Silvia Micali

<p>Anastasia</p>, <p></p>
<p>Lise Morrison</p>, <p></p>
<p>Silvia Micali</p>, <p></p>

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